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Classic Series
We take great pride in being able to offer to you a variety of natural 3cm granite which we refer to as our Classic Series. There are many advantages in selecting and utilizing Classic Series Stones. With these stones, you only have to purchase the actual amount of material required for the job; not in whole slab increments like other providers.

Our Classic Series Stones are chosen for their consistency in color and pattern. Due to the stones consistencies, a viewing of the stone is not necessary prior to fabrication in most cases. Some materials do require a viewing simply so the customer is aware of the varied movement that might be present. We currently offer a wide variety of Classic Series colors. Our Classic Series allows customers to make their selection from 4” x 6” samples that are provided.

We are certain to have something to meet everyone’s tastes. Please visit our website at to view our Classic Series and a sampling of what our exotics have to offer.

Exotic Series
Our Exotic Series of Granite is unique and designed to fulfill the desires of those customers that are unable to fall in love with one of the granites in our Classic Series.

Samples are not provided for these materials because of the varied nature of the granite but are available for viewing either at our warehouse or online at:

The inventory of available material varies from week to week so there is always something new available. The Exotic Series have limited availability and are available on a first come basis. Due to each stones’ uniqueness, we do require that your customer visit our showroom to view and select the stone. This will allow the customer to see its true beauty and characteristics. With such a wide variety of Natural Stone to choose from, we are certain to meet your customers’ needs.

Just like the Classic Series, our Exotic Series are covered by all aspects of our 15 year warranty. The homeowner never needs to seal or perform any maintenance on the countertop and benefits from the protection of the 15 Year Warranty.

All of the StoneSelect Granites are available to view online at

Please remember that the pictures on line are for reference only. The Exotic series must be viewed at our facility. Please see viewing procedure in Section 6 for further details.

We will be happy to work with any stone available.

We are not limited to only our classic and exotic series granites. However, pricing for various stones will be different as per the type of stone and the actual number of slabs needed to complete the job.

Also, natural stone that is purchased from another location will not carry the 15 year warranty. The warranty is only provided on the quality materials we control and supply. Please contact our quoting department with any questions you may have on pricing.

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